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Superb Heater cartridge heater is the item to be tested at the factory.

Let me introduce you to the introduction of our Cartridge heater at the factory:

1. Rated power deviation range:

In the case of sufficient heat, the deviation of the rated power of the cartridge heater shall not exceed the range specified below:

a, for the cartridge heater rated power less than or equal to 100W of the cartridge heater: ± 10%;

b. For the cartridge heater with a rated power greater than 100W for the cartridge heater: +5%~-10% or 10W, the larger of the two.

2. Insulation withstand strength:

A 1200V/50HZ sinusoidal AC voltage is applied between the heating wire in the cartridge heater and the metal casing for 1 min, and there should be no breakdown.

3. Insulation resistance:

Tested with a 500V megger in a normal test environment, the insulation resistance between the heating wire and the metal casing in the cartridge heater should be no less than 25MΩ.

4, overload test

The cartridge heater is energized for 1 hrs at 1.27 times the rated power under full exothermic conditions, and is cooled down to 0.5 hrs to room temperature (forced cooling is allowed), so that 30 cycles are repeated without damage.

5, Cartridge heater shell sealing test (tube crack test)

Dip the cartridge heater in acidified water (2%~3% hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or nitric acid) for 3hrs. The end surface of the cartridge heater should be at least 5mm, and the performance requirements of the second to third items should be met after the test.

6, sealing seal test

Place the cartridge heater in an environment with a temperature of 60 ° C and a humidity of 95% for 24 hrs. After placement, the performance requirements of items 2 to 3 should be met.

7, Cartridge heater life test

The cartridge heater is energized at rated voltage for 1 hrs under full heat release, and is cooled down to 0.5 hrs to room temperature (forced cooling is allowed). The cumulative working time is 3000 hrs.

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cartridge heater CEcartridge heater EMC CEcartridge heater EMC

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