Ceramic High Temperature Plug

Ceramic High Temperature Plug

Ceramic High Temperature Plug Ceramic High Temperature Plug Introduction...

Ceramic High Temperature Plug

Ceramic High Temperature Plug


High temperature plug includes different types: aluminum case and silicone rubber housing. It is designed for plug-in electric heater, the jack dia is 4mm-6mm. With high strength, high temperature resistance, plug can be used in high electric current(3A-35A),and has long working life.

Technology for High Temperature Plug :

Inside: composed by copper core contact surface and the ceramic beads
Outside:madeof the outer metal aluminum protective case or silicone rubber protective shell.

Product Features:

1, Special high temperature and strength aluminum alloy case can resist to high temperature 500 °C, high voltage (220V to 600V); long life, jack specifications dia4, dia5, dia6mm.

2,Silicone rubber shell can resist to high temperature, 200 °C, high voltage (220V ~ 600V)

3,Viton connector can resist acid, alkali, crushing, its jack dia is 4, 5, 6mm, good quality and long working life.

Applications of High Temperature Plug:

Widely used in rubber and plastic machinery, food machinery, chemical industry, cable and other industries supporting a variety of plug-type electric heater high-temperature power plug wiring.

Pink Ceramic High Temperature Connector


High Temperature Connector


High Temperature Connector


Standard Grounding






Food Machinery,Chemical Industry


Aluminum and ceramic SILICONE


Used in high temperature



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