Plastic Machines Hot Heating Runner Heaters Machines

Plastic Machines Hot Heating Runner Heaters Machines

A、Resistance Wire Winding Machine A­1、Model NO. DRS­24 CNC Resistance Wire Winding Machine A­2、The machine is using PLC plus touch screen control. This machine is designed with reference to imported products, specializing in the production of spinning heating band for manufacturing hot nozzle...

A、Resistance Wire Winding Machine

A­1、Model NO. DRS­24 CNC Resistance Wire Winding Machine

A­2、The machine is using PLC plus touch screen control. This machine is designed with reference to imported products, specializing in the production of spinning heating band for manufacturing hot nozzle flat tube. This spinning coil has a very small line width, usually only 0.5mm or even smaller, which makes it difficult to process on other equipments. The machine is using step motor drive, spindle rotating and turning of the winding displacement screw mandrel that can achieve close winding and processing of spiral coil with different thread pitch. The operator inserts a small axial wire into the clamping chuck and make it be clamped, then straightens it with the cylinder and then wires the heating band on the axial wire, until it reaches the preset length and stop auto and is cut by the operator.

A­3、Max. winding length: 2000mm, Min. mandrel dia: 0.3mm, Min. dia of resistance

wire windable: 0.06mm. It can do both single and double coiling.

A­4、Power supply: 220V, 50HZ A­5、Outside measurement and weight:


Weight: 250Kg

B、Hammer Roll Reducer (Shaping Machine)

B­1、Model NO. SDG30 Hammer Roll Reducer

B­2、Min. round shaping dimension: Φ1.3mm, Max. round shaping dimension: Φ12mm;

Min. square shaping dimension: 1.0*1.6mm, Max. square shaping dimension: 8*8mm;

Min. length of pipe reduction: 60mm

B­3、Production of different standards can be produced after change of molds.

B­4、Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, rate of work: 6KW

B­5、Outside measurement and weight.


Weight: 1500Kg

C、Rotating Welding Machine

C­1、Model NO. XHJ­180

C­2、The machine is using a set of rotary mechanism and clamp fixture driven by the motor (speed adjustable), which clamp and drive the tubes to rotate. The argon welder welds the tip circumference of the tube with the bottom piece, which is using for bottom welding of the single­ended outgoing line heating pipe.

C­3、Min. welding dia:Φ1.6mm, Max. welding dia:Φ20mm; Min. welding thickness:

0.2mm, Max. welding thickness: 2mm,rate of work: 180W。

C­4、Power supply: 220V, 50HZ

C­5、Outside measurement and weight.


Weight: 200Kg

D、Filling Machine

D­1、Model NO. FL­12 PLC magnesia powder filling machine

D­2、The machine is using automatic mechanism. Input data from the touch screen, the machine will automatically find the suitable position while filling different pipes. The machine is using pipe cap and cup mechanism. Pipes are clamped by the cylinder mechanism. The open and close of the magnesia powder is controlled by the electromagnet or motor eccenter rapping device and the pneumatic mechanism with PLC plus touching screen control mode.

D­3、Max. filling length: 2500mm, Min. filling length: 100mm; Max. filling dia:

Φ20mm, Min. filling dia: Φ3mm. Pipes of different standards can be filled on the same machine after change of molds.

D­4、Power supply: 380/220V, 50HZ. Air supply: 0.6MPa compressed air.

D­5、Outside measurement and weight.


Weight: 500Kg

E、Helix Bending Machine

E­1、Model NO. WG­104Helix Coiling Bending Machine

E­2、This is a machine specially for bending the rolls with flat hot running system into helix­shaped heater. It is also applied to coiling and processing small­diameter tube electric roll heaters. The core shaft is driven by the step motor (the core shaft can be replaced). The core shaft is ingeniously equipped with air­powered clamp splice, which is to clamp the heater tube tightly with the pneumatic mechanism, and coil the heater tube in the direction of the axis. The machine has an automatic stripper mechanism, and is controlled by PLC with high efficiency.

E­3、Min. coiling dia:Φ1.3mm or squareness: 1.0*1.6mm, Max. coiling dia: Φ10mm or

squareness: 8*8mm, Min. coiling mandrel: Φ10mm,Max. coiling mandrel: Φ80mm,

Max. coiling length: 200mm.

E­4、Power supply: 220V, 50HZ

E­5、Outside measurement and weight.


Weight: 400Kg

F、Hot Runner Bending Machine

F­1、Model NO. WG­108 Whirling Bench Bending Machine

F­2、This is a sextuple spanning machine. The spinning heater is pressed by an artificially loaded air­actuated clamp, spun to a certain angel, preheated by flame, and then heated after being spun to another angel. After being air­bent to a fix shape in another location and cooled down, it is taken out by the operator. The machine is controlled by the PLC plus the touching screen that the motion and time of different workshop section can be set.

F­3、Tubes of different shape or dimension can be processed after changed of different


F­4、Power supply: 380/220V, 50HZ. Air supply: 0.6MPa compressed air.

F­5、Outside measurement and weight.


Weight: 600Kg

G、Annealing Machine

G­1、Model NO. TH­35KWPart Annealing Machine

G­2、This machine adopts a dry­type transformer and is equipped with a pneumatic clamping mechanism. This mechanism can clamp the tube onto the electrodes and make use of low voltage and high­current to create short­circuit with the metal case to heat and anneal the components, which makes preparations for the further bending and shaping of the components. And this machine consists of a clamping control of delay electrifying, an electrifying timing control and a delay power­off control of. So it can avoid producing electric arcs between the components and electrodes that will destroy the surface finish quality of the components. This transformer has a series of tap changing which can change the output voltage according to different demands so as to anneal and process components made of copper, aluminum, stainless steel or iron­clad components.

G­3、Minimum length of annealing: 100mm, Maximum length of annealing: 1000mm;

Power supply: 380/220V, 50HZ. Air supply: 0.6MPa clean compressed air. Maximum

power output: 35KW。

G­4、Tubes of different shapes can be annealed after changed of different fixture block.

G­5、Outside measurement and weight.


Weight: 500Kg

H、Hammer Roll ReducerAutomatic Feeder

H­1、Model NO. SL­102

H­2、This is a roller reducer feeding equipment specially designed for SDG30 Hammer Roll Reducer. The rollers to be sent into the roller reducer are arranged and delivered by a coaxial cam chain, and then the pneumatic manipulator holds the rollers, with the controlled sliding valve slowly delivering into the roller. After the roller completes, it releases and returns, or repeats the same process. This machine requires no workman supervision, and is completely automatic (PLC), with high efficiency.

H­3、Maximum feeding length: 3000mm, Maximum feeding dia: Φ18mm。

H­4、Delivering grippers should be changed while transporting different pipes.

H­5、Outside measurement and weight.


Weight: 400Kg

I、Hydraulic Compressor (Riveting Machine)

I­1、Model NO. YJ­201/YJ­202 Hydraulic Compressor (Riveting Machine)

I­2、Using for riveting of heater and connector of the outgoing line. The machine is driven by hydraulic cylinder, it is used for work­pieces’ contractive pressure and rivet joint by rivet joining the six­piece mould and fixtures. The machine is designed for manufacture of hot runner heater for rebuilding the fixtures and pressure welding roll electrical heaters flange.

Another method of riveting: Rivet joint fixtures are made into jaw for joining high temperature lead.

I­3、Riveting molds needed to be changed according to the different riveted workpieces.

I­4、Power supply: 380V, 50HZ.

I­5、Outside measurement and weight.


Weight: 250Kg

J、Marking Machine

J­1、Model NO. YJ­20

J­2、Equipped with the marking mould, the air­fuel supercharging press can stamp marks such as the company logo, V(voltage) and W(power) on the axis way of the tube element. The pressure output can reach a maximum of 50KN, which is adjustable through the multiple air source pressure governors. Compared with other presses, it is faster, safer and cleaner.

J­3、Character of different standards can be marked after changed of typeheads.

J­4、Power supply: 220V, 50HZ. Air supply: 0.6MPa compressed air.

J­5、Outside measurement and weight.


Weight: 250Kg

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