Is the air resistance furnace the same as the box resistance furnace

Date:Oct 30, 2019

The air resistance furnace cannot be said to be the same as the resistance furnace.

Air resistance furnace:

An electric resistance furnace heated in air. These resistance furnaces can be box type, well type, bell type, etc., not just box type resistance furnaces.

Box type resistance furnace:

As the name suggests, the box-type resistance furnace is shaped like a rectangular box; it consists mainly of two parts: the furnace body and the control box. Box-type resistance furnaces generally work under natural atmospheric conditions, mostly in the internal heating mode, using refractory materials and insulation materials for furnace lining. Box furnaces are generally heated in the air, that is, air resistance furnaces; box-type resistance furnaces have developed to the present, derived from the sealed box furnace, also known as multi-purpose furnace, the furnace atmosphere is controllable, it is not the air resistance furnace . Therefore, the box type resistance furnace is not necessarily an air resistance furnace.

There is a cross relationship between the two.

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