Silicone Strip Heater

Silicone Strip Heater

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Silicone Strip Heater


 Specification for Silicone Strip Heater :

General Information

Silicone Strip Heater have wire-wound or etched foil heating circuits laminated between thin layers of fiberglass-reinforced, high temperature insulation, silicone rubber.


Silicone heaters elements have advantages of thinness, lightness and flexibility. It can improve heat transfer, accelerate warming under the process of operation.


  1. Size: customized

  2. Standard Thickness 1.5mm

  3. Nickel 80% wound wire or nickel 80% foils(thickness 0.05 mm~0.10mm)inside

  4. Variety of shapes, can be customized

  5. Various types of lead wires and other terminations.

  6. Fast heating:3~5w/cm2

  7. High thermal efficiency, save energy

  8. Wide range of temperature,-60°C~250°C

  9. Long service time


  1. Designed according to actual shape and dimension, including three-dimensional geometry to meet the requirement of your equipment

  2. Moistureproof and non-slip silicone rubber material offers longer working life of heaters

  3. Simply sticking to your components through sulfuration, adhesive or fixer


Technical Data for Silicone Strip Heater:

Operating Temperature Range

-50~230 degree celsius

Thermal Conductivity at 100 W/m·K


Minimum Bending Radius(mm)


Resistance Tolerance




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