Mica Band Heater For Extruder

Mica Band Heater For Extruder

Mica Band Heater For Extruder 1. Mica band heaters-2 pieces 2. Mica band heaters- 1 piece (with metal strip) 3. Mica band heaters-with holes 4. Mica band heater- with thermocouple bracket 5. Mica band heater-partial coverage model 6. Mica band heater- with hinged construction post terminals 7....

Mica Band Heater For Extruder

1. Mica band heaters-2 pieces


2. Mica band heaters- 1 piece (with metal strip)

3. Mica band heaters-with holes


4. Mica band heater- with thermocouple bracket


5. Mica band heater-partial coverage model

6. Mica band heater- with hinged construction post terminals 


7. Mica band heater-cone shape with barrel nut closure


8. Mica band heater-U-shaped model


9. Mica band heaters-square model

Stainless steel mica heater is made of high quality nickel chrome heating wire as the Heating element,using natural mica as insulating layer ,high quality stainless steel as conduction heat
layer in the outside , we can according to your requirement to custom heater band , heater
plate and kinds of special shape products.
The sheath of the heater is rust resistance.
High class Nickel Chrome ribbon is used.
Maximum power: 3w/cm2(s.steel),4.5w/cm2(brass),6.5w/cm2(ceramic insulation)
Operating temperature up maximum of 500 degree centigrade
Axial, Radial & Tangential terminals are available
Thermocouple holes can be provided as per client's requirements
All Displayed Only for Retail Price, Bulk Purchase Welcome to Contact us for Detail

Product NameBand Heater
Band Size50×30mm(Inside Dia.*H)
Main MaterialsStainless Steel
Withstand Temperature300°C-400°C
Package2pcs Band Heater

If you need 110V or 380V, please remark in the order. If without any remark, the shipment will be arranged as 220V.
The band heater can be customized according to your request. But please offer your request, including:
Voltage/Power/Band Sizes(D/H)
Besides, There are some sizes for your choices, please click the size for your needed.

Size (Inside Dia.*H)VoltagePowerSize (Inside Dia.*H)VoltagePower
25×25mm220V 60W50×45mm220V 220W
25×30mm220V 70W50×50mm220V 240W
30×25mm220V 70W50×60mm220V 290W
30×30mm220V 90W50×65mm220V 310W
30×35mm220V 100W55×35mm220V 190W
30×40mm220V 120W55×40mm220V 210W
30×45mm220V 130W55×45mm220V 240W
30×50mm220V 150W55×50mm220V 260W
35×25mm220V 90W55×60mm220V 310W
35×30mm220V 100W60×25mm220V 150W
35×35mm220V 120W60×30mm220V 170W
35×40mm220V 140W60×35mm220V 200W
35×50mm220V 170W60×40mm220V 230W
35×60mm220V 200W60×45mm220V 260W
40×30mm220V 120W60×50mm220V 290W
40×35mm220V 110W60×55mm220V 310W
40×40mm220V 150W60×60mm220V 340W
40×45mm220V 140W60×65mm220V 370W
40×50mm220V 190W65×50mm220V 310W
40×55mm220V 210W65×55mm220V 340W
45×30mm220V 130W65×60mm220V 370W
45×35mm220V 150W70×40mm220V 270W
45×40mm220V 170W70×50mm220V 330W
45×45mm220V 200W70×60mm220V 400W
45×50mm220V 220W80×50mm220V 380W
50×30mm220V 150W85×40mm220V 320W
50×35mm220V 170W90×90mm220V 770W
50×40mm220V 190W100×100mm220V 950W

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