Mould High Quality Hot Runner Coil Heater

Mould High Quality Hot Runner Coil Heater

Product Description Hot runner heaters also known as cable heaters can be formed to a variety of shapes as required by its many applications. Frequently though, hot runner heaters are configured as small diameter, high performance nozzle heaters that are fully annealed. Hot runner heaters are...

Product Description

Hot runner heaters also known as cable heaters can be formed to a variety of shapes as required 

by its many applications. Frequently though, hot runner heaters are configured as small diameter, 

high performance nozzle heaters that are fully annealed. Hot runner heaters are used on injection 

molding machine nozzles and sprue bushings supplying 360º of heat with optional distributed wattage 

models also available. Hot runner heaters are also used as cartridge heaters where irregular size 

bores are found. 

A straight, round cable heater can snake through a sealing bar in packaging equipment installations.

Design features

Sheath temperature up to 800oC

Higher watt densities

Build in Type "J" (or) "K" Thermocouple

Rugged & Durable Construction

Available as per customer's specifications


1. Moulds & Dies

2. Nozzle heating

3. Sprue Bushing

Physical size construction

2.3*4.3mm, 2.2*4.7mm, 2.0*4.0mm, 3.0*3.0mm, 3.2*3.2mm, 

3.6*3.6mm, 4.0*6.0mm, 1.5*2.1mm, 2.7*4.5mm, 

Φ 1.8mm, 3.3mm, 3.7mm, 4.2mm




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