North American Fuse, 5A To 800 A

Piece Weight: 246±5g Carton : L.274*W.225*H.230mm Inner Box : L.225*W.140*H.50mm...

North American Fuse, 5A to 800 A

North American style bolted tags high speed fuses, for the protection of DC common bus, power converters/rectifiers and reduced rated voltage starters.


high speed fuses feature space-saving case sizes for protecting semiconductor devices up to 1000VAC/DC in ratings from 5A to 800 Amps.



Volts: 150VDC/250VAC, 500VDC/500VAC, 750VDC, 1000VDC/1000VAC

Amps: 5A-800A

Interrupting rating: DC 50KA/AC100KA

Operating class: aR

RoHS compliant, CE



1. Compact size help reduce the overall assembly size.

2. Innovative design allows for a significantly smaller package without compromising heat rise performance, preventing extensive equipment redesign.

3. Global acceptance with TUV, CCC and RoHS for products sold worldwide.

4. Bolt-on design provides design flexibility for installation in fuse blocks or direct mounting on busbars.

5. Meets standard requirements for thermal shock, humidity, and vibration

6. Superior current cycling performance helps withstand demanding applications.

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