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  Superb Heater .Mainly specialized in:Cartridge heaters,Tubular heaters,band heaters,ceramic heaters,silicone rubber heater,thermocouple and other industrial heating elements, temperature measuring components and production equipment, accessories and raw materials.

     Since 1985, superbheater has been engaged in the research and development and production of electrothermal materials,which is one of the few manufacturers in China who have been engaged in electrothermal materials. After years of development, superbheater has continued to expand in the electric heating industry. Until now,we have several professional factories and many shares Holding factory and professional sales company, the production workshop has over 20,000 square meters, more than 30 product development engineers, 500 professional employees, and 300 production equipments and more than 100 professional testing instruments.

    Electric heating element factory, mainly engaged in R&D and production of various industrial, commercial and civil electric heating components

  Cartridge heater factory,mainly engaged in the R&D, design and production of various types of industrial mold precision, high-power, custom-made electric cartridge heaters.

  Band heater factory,have owing the R&D,design and production team of hot runner heater,band heater,hot runner manifold tubular heater.

  Thermocouple factory, mainly engaged in research and development, design and production of various types of thermocouple products and their materials and accessories

  Ceramic heater factory, mainly engaged in various types of development and production of industrial ceramic heaters, pet ceramic heater.

  Non-metallic heater factory, mainly engaged in R&D, design and production of various new heating elements such as silica gel and heating film.

  Electrothermal material factory, mainly engaged in R&D, design and production of various types of electric heating element, cartridge heater, band heaters materials and accessories.

  Mechanical equipment factory, mainly engaged in R&D, design and production of various types of electric tubular heater, cartridge heater, band heaters and other production equipment.

  At the same time, in order to provide professional technical docking, sales service, after-sales service, Superbheater was set up marketing service and technical support of all products,provided professional technical guidance and after-sales service to customers (more than 1,000 customers) in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

  Superb Heater adheres to the concept of providing customers with customized and cost-effective products. In the past years, the company has provided customers with various customized products for the electric heating industry. At the same time, the company has carried out the service upgrade of “providing one-stop shopping for customers”. In China, the company has taken the lead in the construction of the heating industry product supply chain system. At present, it has initially provided customers with one-stop procurement services for electric heating products, and has solved many problems for customers, such as scattered procurement, long time, high cost, and high risk communication problems. problem. Through cooperation with us, the procurement efficiency of customers has been improved, communication costs and procurement costs have been reduced, and the risks and transportation costs of customers have been greatly reduced, which has won the trust of many customers.

“Product quality first, Service first,Efficient operation first,” is superbheater’s business philosophy, We  We continuously improve and optimize in research & development, production, quality, service, etc., to meet customer requirements and create value for customers.

Superb Heater is aim to be the best supplier of electric heating industry in China, to grow together with customers all over the world, to provide better support for the development of customers.